A Conversation with Iris Sousa

Iris is a visual designer who provides UI design and products for web, desktop and mobile applications. She is marking her stamp of flare and creativitity across the internet working freelance for companies across the globe. I took a little of her time out of her busy schedule to ask her some questions about her successful career as a talented web designer.

I: Thank you so much for agreeing to talk with me. You studied Fashion design at Gazi University right?

Iris: Yes, thats right! It was an amazing time of my life where I really grew up in terms of creative process, design knowledge, materials. [In] general the foundations of my workflow and creativity are due to what I have learned there.

I: And now you design websites, how do you apply what you learned in fashion?

Iris: So as I just said, Fashion Design was my foundation and I developed my Illustration and Texture skills a lot from that. You will see in my web design work those elements present, they [are] pretty much characteristic[s] of my style.

I: You’re currently living in Porto, whats your favourite thing about where you live?

Iris: I must say I love the Porto wine and the historic places around. It’s always great to be able to see the ocean and relax my mind.

I: You speak a number of languages how did that come about?

Iris: I lived in Turkey, Germany, Denmark, Spain and Portugal now so I got to learn at least some vocabulary from all those experiences.

I: When you look at where you are today, did you ever imagine when you were younger you’d be doing what you are?

Iris: I always imagined myself as a Painter or Dancer so this is the closest I managed to [get] and still make money from it!

I: You go down a storm on the website Dribbble.com, has it helped your career?

Iris: Well, most definitely! Since I started getting traction on Dribbble.com I have received many work inquiries and developed some good friendships with fellow designers.

I: We once had a conversation about an experiment your friend undertook by pretending to be a woman in the design world. Do you think male web designers gravitate to the opposite gender because there are so few women web designers; or have you another opinion on the subject?

Iris: Well, everything is easier in a mini skirt; I always like to say, and that is even more true online where a nice avatar might take you a long way when you don’t need a real word interaction. It’s sad but it works for some.

I: Portugal is in some economic crises at the moment, are you finding it hard to make ends meet? How are you stepping up to gain more exposure and get more work in?

Iris: Most of my clients aren’t local so I still get a enough amount of work and projects coming in from international clients, but the increase in taxes and overall life cost makes me wonder if I will stay here much longer…

I would ask Tyler Galpin if he could pay the bar bill…”

I: If you could meet one of your design peers who would it be?

Iris: Well I would like to meet Tyler Galpin [@tylergalpin], love his work!

I: And what would you ask him?

Iris: If he could pay the bar bill…

I: Your instagram profile says you “believe people can fly”, is there some philosophical meaning behind this?

Iris: Sure, it means everyone should follow their dreams and make them happen.

I: If you could be famous world wide for one thing what would it be?

Iris: As a designer or dancer :)

I: Great I hope to see your name in the stars soon then! I just have a few short questions for you now:

I: Whats your favourite font?

Iris: Bree

I: Whats your least favourite font?

Iris: Well we all hate the one that cannot be named but let me give [you] another one… LOBSTER !!! :(

I: Other than your current profession, what would you like to give a try?

Iris: I would love to be a professional skater!

I: Whats your favourite meal?

Iris: Iskendar Kebab (special turkish dish) [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ä°skender_kebap]

I: What is your main fault?

Iris: I can’t resist chocolate!!!!

I: What is your favourite music to listen to as you design?

Iris: Hindi Zahra - beautiful tango in specific but generally indie rock

I: Whats your treat?

Iris: I love to walk my dog on the street while he makes me run!

I: Do you have a favourite film?

Iris: Big [Fish] - Tim Burton

I: I think I know this one, but whats your most favourite item of clothing (so far)?

Iris: Mini Skirt [http://instaview.me/112020811/]

I: If you could summarise your life in a motto, what would it be?

Iris: I believe people can fly…

I: Is there anything you feel I should have asked you? What would you ask yourself that I have missed?

Iris: Do I like TV series? Damn, I’m addicted to those :D Dexter, Spartacus, Fringe, Walking Dead, well I could stay here all day :P

I: Thank you so much for speaking with me tonight, sorry to take so much of your valuable time away from you, its been a pleasure getting to know you more.

Iris: Oh it was a pleasure to answer and share some thoughts! Kisses!

Posted On: Wednesday, July 27th, 2011 @ 6:26 pm by Ian Tearle


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