Adobe Space Monkey

So. I came to work on a design for a client, and start to put together something for my launch page for my main domain, www.iantearle.com.

Upon launching Adobe Space Monkey, I waited patiently for the fonts to load, presets to be imported, hang on a minute. Adobe Space Monkey?
When the adobe comedy splash screen disappeared and presented me with the error that had happened, (invalid serial) I was a little concerned, you don’t pay stupid amounts of money for a creative suite to be presented with this comedy of errors.

Immediately I was onto Google. Thank you SamBot you saved my life. The kind folks on the blog there provided me with this super information. Which I will share here for you.

Find the missing entries on the following parameters in your Adobe Registration Database, (Mac: Libary/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe Registration Database).


Enter after the equals the values as per the rest of the entries in that document. You can use TextEdit to edit and save the document.

How I came to Space Monkey, well I stupidly lost the ability to think. And forgot how to print a PDF document with a Mac, working with PC’s at work disables the part of the brain to be able to come home and back to the real and proper world of a well made operating system that is OSX.

Of course when I came to look for Adobe Distiller and it was not there, I loaded up the install disc of CS2 got to the registration page and exited.

In doing so the Adobe Registration Database must have been altered and along came a comical monkey!

For those who do have their brains numbed by Mickosoft, to be able to save or print a PDF you use the link at the bottom left hand corner, there are plenty of options to create, compress and save your PDF!


Posted On: Friday, May 2nd, 2008 @ 4:50 pm by Ian Tearle


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