Coaches Loupe Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

In August 2010 I dribbbled a shot from my imagination; what would it be like to have an easy way to upload to the popular show and tell website Dribbble? I was frustrated at using Screen Capture which never got the dimensions right, cluttered the desktop and resulted in having to upload and play with the screenshot on the dribbble website; time consuming if your in a hurry.

There had to be another way, I thought. So I went about designing a Loupe that would pixel perfectly capture designs I was working on, and upload them to the web site for me. A much better process. 

You can see the iterations here of the Loupe. The same that I posted the idea of Coaches Loupe and reached out to the community to help me make it into a real tangible application; a Ruby Developer, Bastian contacted me. Interested in building my idea, we discussed via email what could be achieved, and by September we had a working prototype with simple functionality. It worked but was not complete.
Unfortunately Bastian; due to work commitments elsewhere, couldn’t continue with the development, and Coaches Loupe was stagnant until this year 2011. I appreciate the work Bastian put in to help the profile of Coaches Loupe.

11th February 2011 emails between myself and David Keegan; now Technical Coach for Coaches Loupe, took place which put in motion the development of our application for use by all dribbblers. Within 2 weeks David has produced a Loupe specifically designed for dribbble, from the ground up and in native Objective-C. I could not have asked for a better experience than what I have had working with David on this. Ideas flowed and we now have a working uploader; although we are still refining details, in beta release awaiting feedback from the design community after just 3 fully working iterations. I am honoured that David has taken time to build this application, check out his site and download his useful other applications, many of them available in the Mac App Store. He is currently a prospect on Dribbble, if you have an invite spare, get this man on the playground

If your a player on Dribbble we invite you to give Coaches Loupe a try. Now at version 0.6, Coaches Loupe will update itself when we make improvements and bug fixes. 

We still have ideas on improving Coaches Loupe; features like zoom out keeping the aspect ratio, rebound ability and more, but why wait? Go get it

Posted On: Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011 @ 7:24 pm by Ian Tearle


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