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Ok, so this is unprecedented, a second blog post within a day, I am not sure what is going on either. But I felt I just had to share my experience of a little tool I have running for my iOS app Heritage.

During the day I have a Chrome user window running just one extension; Followr. It’s a no-frills chrome extension to gain followers on twitter through tasteful automation. Whatever that means. It’s an extension that opens a twitter window, finds tweets based on keywords you choose, and goes about favouriting at random intervals, behaving as if it is a real human. It’s Twitter friendly because the way Twitter see this extensions activity is as if it is me choosing to favourite those particular tweets.

My follower ratio? 152 followers in two months. That to me, and particularly to Heritage is a tremendous gain. Particularly in the fact that the followers are credible tweeters that are actually interested in knowing more about the product that’s favourited them on topic and with me not lifting a finger. The most recent follower that caused me to write this post, Emily McManus @emilymcmc, Editor of TED.com - pretty good influencer to be following Heritage.
Followr was pretty good at picking up Emily’s tweet too, possibly better than I could have done myself.

Posted On: Tuesday, July 8th, 2014 @ 2:56 pm by Ian Tearle


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