Freecom Network Hard Drive

To Reset your Freecom Network Hard Drive you need to power off the drive, whilst keeping the unit plugged in, press the reset button, then still pressing turn the unit on, keeping the reset button pressed down for about 15 seconds, to completely restore the unit to factory settings.

I only say this first as upon recieving my Shiny new Freecom Drive I thought, follow the quick instructions, plug and play, there it is in my networks. No. I could see the drive in the utility which came on the setup CD, using a different IP to that of my network, I’m using BT Home Hub, and its generic normal IP range. So within trying to find the Freecom on my network I restarted the hub, restarted the drive, then, inspiration hit, plug the unit directly to my iBook G4.

Straight away the web config page launched on its IP and I was in with the factory Username and Password, admin. All good so far, but not for long, changing the IP address to that what I thought my Home Hub was dishing out to it, and adding the subnet, and gateway, I clicked apply. May I stop you right now, please do not go ahead and do this on your own unit, read the manual on the disc, its PDF, and you can search if your running Adobe Acrobat 8. If I had have read this instructions I would have read not to click on automatic IP when my change didn’t work.
The Freecom unit comes shipped with DHCP enabled. Selecting automatic, or trying to configure your own IP whilst in this state will render your Freecom HD untraceable. Then you need to reset it to factory settings, and start again. Follow these instructions instead, or read the PDF that comes on the setup disc on how to join your hard drive to an existing network.

Please note (I did not):

"For initial configuration, always connect your Freecom Network Drive to a PC first! Do not connect the Freecom Network Drive to an existing network when using it for the first time!"

As default, the DHCP Server of the Freecom Network Drive is switched on. This can be changed in the “Status” section of the web configuration.
Connect your Freecom Drive directly to your PC/Mac and the launch the web interface.
In the web interface, click on “Status” to change the basic settings of the Freecom Network Drive. Under Status - Network Information select DISABLED radio button and hit apply. In the “IP Config” section of the web interface it can be configured whether the Freecom Network Drive has a static IP address or gets an automatic IP address assigned by another DHCP Server in the network.

Hey presto, its done. You can see your Hard Drive in the network places screens, and access the admin pages once your drive is disconnected from your PC/Mac and plugged into your network, or more importantly plugged into the Home Hub ethernet port 2.

Posted On: Tuesday, May 13th, 2008 @ 4:50 pm by Ian Tearle


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