How Time Flies By

I have just got back from a week in the Devon countryside, a short trip from Suffolk navigating through traffic, which probably added about two hours to the journey time of four or five hours. I spent a week away for my first anniversary to my lovely wife Rachael.

The weather was actually delightful, a vast contrast from our wedding day, it was actually a pleasant warm day this year, unlike the although pleasant, very cold day we had for our wedding. We navigated hills and fields walking as much as we could, visiting castles and stately homes in the area, photos of which I shall share soon.

Rachael was treated to flowers delivered to our holiday cottage, and we had an awesome time away from the busyness of home.

But my main reason for writing to my blog today was to share a link to another website, whilst driving the 200 odd miles to Devon, my mind drifted and I thought back to how I got into web design in the first place, and recalled a web site I have not visited in some time. This website was my first inspiration when I first took a look at the art of designing websites, a lot has changed since I last took a look, but its delightful seeing how similar the styles of both my own and Gordon’s sites are similar. I have to admit that my own site has taken on many forms in the last year before settling to where it is today, but it’s nice to see that tastes dont change, they improve, and progress. I dont think it was a mistake that my career has ended in web design, from the days of drawing inspiration from Gordon MacKay and Cameron Moll and their blogs. How true it is for relationships, I knew from the first time I met Rachael that we were meant to be together, and a year on into our marriage I am all the more in love with her, our tastes have grown and progressed, but essentially we are the same people we fell in love with.

However much time flies by you, try to keep your passion, improve on the things you fall short on, and progress into the next stages of development whenever you can.

Posted On: Friday, April 3rd, 2009 @ 6:08 pm by Ian Tearle


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