Inquisitor and Safari Latest Release

Recently Safari released an update to their fastest web browser yet, with Safari 4.0.3, bringing stability and security fixes, a good thing, unfortunately this update breaks Inquisitor, a far more advanced search interface for Safari and other browsers, fortunately I have a temporary fix.

Inquisitor which is available for Safari, Firefox, IE7 and even iPhone was designed and built by David Watanabe, and was recently purchased by Yahoo!, it provides search suggestion, coupled with intelligent features such as telling the user when the key word was last searched, and whether you had already visited the page previously.

Unfortunately when Apple released the latest version of their browser, they enabled the Google autosuggest by default with no way of disabling the in my opinion inferior search engine, (its a personal thing)! In any case what you get is the search results for Google covering Inquisitors results, (Inquisitor can use Google as a search engine too, as well as Yahoo!). With some searching around for a solution whilst I am sure David and Yahoo! work to build a fix, I came across Glims, which offer a very similar tool, in fact some of the styling is very much similar. What Glims also offer however is some more tools to tweak Safari 4, (their latest release will be available after this coming weekend 15th August, you can get a working version now from MacHangout).

Install Glims, but if your like me and prefer the user interface of Inquisitor you will want to turn off some features. Head to Safari Preference pane and select Glims.

Leave “Enable Search Suggestion plugin” checked, uncheck everything else.
Search Suggestions
Uncheck everything

And that should be all you need to do to get Inquisitor back working. The only issue now is that it still says Google in the search bar instead of inquisitor. But never mind. Lets hope David and Yahoo! can find a resolution soon.

Any issues, please use the comments.

Posted On: Friday, August 14th, 2009 @ 5:11 pm by Ian Tearle


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