New Beginnings

Isn’t it strange how fast life seems to throw new events and beginning’s at you? Last year in February I was panicing at the thought of not being able to afford my mortgage only three months after purchasing a new flat and moving in. The sudden unemployment took me by surprise, but not nearly as much as this year has.

A week after losing my job in Colchester, thank the Lord I accepted a job in Chafford Hundred working as a web application designer and developer within a secondary school. Not having had much experience with application building for the web at that time, I was thrown in at the deep end. Fortunately there was a lot of work already started, and being the fast learner I am, picked up very quickly what I had to do. A year on, I have created many a useful web application for the school, all still in use today.

At that same time last year, things started to move into a serious direction with me and my then girlfriend Rachael. I knew when I first met her back in October 2006 that she was the one for me, but I still was not married to her. In April 2007 I proposed, and we started planning for our wedding. Working in Chafford Hundred has been hard this last year or so, but I have learned a lot from my experience there. This year, 2008 everything sped up.

After Christmas, with the price of petrol going up, and my car giving up, forcing me to purchase (or rather Rachael) a new one, to take me the 69 miles from my flat to work, then back to my parents for mid week stop overs, bed and breakfast accommodation, I was fed up of not living in my home, lower wages and increased cost of living. I started applying for jobs.

There were plenty around, and I had a few interviews. Not before I lost heart at having interviews, and not getting any results, a job became available in Hadleigh, near Ipswich. 10 mins door to door, it had the beginnings of a great job. Whilst advertised as a developer role, I was optimistic and looking forward to a positive result. I was offered the job late February. Exactly a year I after getting made redundant.

I started at my new place of work last week, three days after getting pelted with paint balls at my stag day, a week before I am due to get married. probably three months before I start to look for a new, bigger home with my wife, and not too long after that we may be looking to start a family of our own.

So 2008 seems like it will be a year full of change. New job, new home, wife, and family. New beginnings.

I cannot say enough how excited I am to be getting married in less than seven days time.

Posted On: Saturday, March 22nd, 2008 @ 5:22 pm by Ian Tearle


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