Titanium Filenames for iPad/iPhone/iPhone4

When submitting my latest update for Heritage App I had to include some additional icon files for iPad. These popular filenames are useful for making sure you have all bases covered for iPad/iPhone/iPhone4.


Resolution     Filename               Notes 
512x512        iTunesArtwork          iTunes Image 
57x57          Icon.png               Home screen for < iPhone 4 
114x114        Icon@2x.png            Home screen for iPhone 4 High Resolution 
72x72          Icon-72.png            Home screen for iPad compatibility 
29x29          Icon-Small.png         Spotlight and Settings 
50x50          Icon-Small-50.png      Spotlight for iPad compatibility 
58x58          Icon-Small@2x.png      Spotlight and Settings for iPhone 4 High Resolution 
320x480        Default.png            Splashscreen for < iPhone 4 
640x960        Default@2x.png         Splashscreen for iPhone 4 High Resolution 
768x1004       Default-Portrait.png        iPad - If you have not specified a Default-PortraitUpsideDown.png file, this file will take precedence
768x1004       Default-PortraitUpsideDown.png  iPad
1024x748       Default-Landscape.png       iPad - If you have not specified a Default-LandscapeLeft.png or Default-LandscapeRight.png image file, this file will take precedence
1024x748       Default-LandscapeLeft.png   iPad
1024x748       Default-LandscapeRight.png  iPad


Don’t forget, however. You still need to edit the plist file after you have created the final build, to add the addition strings in the key CFBundleIconFiles and copy the plist document into the root of your Titanium directory.

Posted On: Thursday, September 8th, 2011 @ 6:27 pm by Ian Tearle


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