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I have been busy for the past few weeks, thus the lack of news and blog posts around these places. Today though I have some exciting news to bring you. Mainly in the world of Expanse, but we have some other applications for your downloading needs. Its Free too, which makes it even better.

Firstly Expanse now has an improved text editor. Changes will start to be rolled out this week to all current hosted users. The improvements bring better handling of images and uploads within the text editor, and a new shortcut, CTR + S/Command + S, which when pressed will save your post without you having to click add (or edit). 

Twitter has a new plugin. AutoTweet for Expanse allows for a CronJob to be set up on the server to check for new posts and automatically notify your twitter followers with a direct link to your article using the CMSURL shortener. You can of course tweet a message from within the Expanse Content Management System, so you don’t have to log into the twitter website.

Expanse is now fully compatible with PHP5. Before we were seeing problems with Session handling, but we have worked hard to allow for sessions to be saved whilst Expanse is installed on a PHP5 powered server.

Plugins are currently available direct from me, simply DM me on twitter if you would like the AutoTweet, or ask me for a specific plugin which will help you out. You can send me a direct message on twitter here.

Aside from Expanse development, I am please to announce a new Short URL service called CMSURL, of course there are plugins for Expanse, soon for Wordpress, and of course it works with the AutoTweet plugin. There is a really simple API, and the whole package is available for free. CMSURL has many options, including a secure service so you can create your own url shortening service that only you can use. CMSURL also handles images, simply by uploading your image to the CMSURL site (or your own service running CMSURL). Follow me on twitter for updates to the service.

Finally, for all the latest updates and blogs you should follow me on twitter here.

Posted On: Wednesday, December 16th, 2009 @ 7:14 pm by Ian Tearle


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